Silk Noil | machine wash cool + line dry

Although silk noil (raw silk) can be put through the washer and dryer, we recommend washing it on a gentle cycle with cool water and hanging or laying flat to dry. Once dry, you can always toss it into the dryer to loosen up the fibers and bring movement back to the material. For black raw silk especially, we recommend dry cleaning to keep the black dye vibrant.

Hemp | machine wash warm + line dry

Hemp, like cotton, is strongest when it is wet therefore it can withstand most washing conditions. The material has a porous nature, meaning it dries fast in the open air or tumble dried. Lastly, we love this fabric because it stays durable, but grows softer with each use. 

Cotton | machine wash warm + tumble dry low 

Cotton is an amazing fabric and one of the most sustainable and economical out there. It is strongest when it is wet and endures for a lifetime. For the best cleaning results, wash cotton in cool-warm water, and tumble dry low or line dry. The sun can yellow cotton, so we recommend line drying in the shade.